1. Motion silences awareness of visual change.

  2. A specific policy on authorship.

  3. Variability in the quality of visual working memory.

  4. Learning to detect and combine the features of an object.

  5. Modeling visual working memory with the MemToolbox.

  6. The crowd is self-aware.

  7. Terms of the debate on the format and structure of visual memory.

  8. Design from zeroth principles.

  9. Looking inwards and back: realtime monitoring of visual working memory.

  10. separator

  11. separator

  12. You probably have a twin stranger.

  13. Visual quantitative literacy test 0.4.

  14. Silencing the awareness of change.

  15. Proselint, a linter for prose.

  16. The handshake conjecture.

  17. What they ought to teach in school.

  18. Two tests of motivation.

  19. The treachery of sculptures.

  20. Fallin'.

  21. The flame challenge.

  22. Dissertate.

  23. Anti-silencing.

  24. Snapshots of Israel.

  25. Zipf it.

  26. Japan.

  27. Inverted eyes illusion.

  28. Clockwalk: a stochastic clock.

  29. Reading list.

  30. Time (Bring it on).

  31. Random walk blocks.

  32. Water.