Reading list

January 01, 2010

Here are some books I’ve recently read:
(s are like Michelin stars, where even one is great. Skip anything with a )

White fragility (DiAngelo), 7/2020

Guns, Germs and Steel (Diamond), 4/2020

Cribsheet (Oster), 10/2019

Expecting better (Oster), 1/2020

How to: Absurd scientific advice for common real-world Problems (Munroe), 7/2019

Nonviolent communication (Rosenberg), 3/2019

Homo deus (Harari), 2/2019

Secrets of closing the sale (Ziglar), 11/2018

A history of the Jews (Johnson), 6/2018

The pale king (Wallace), 4/2018

We were eight years in power: an American tragedy (Coates), 3/2018

O. Henry: Complete short stories (O. Henry), 1/2018

Sideways stories from Wayside School (Sachar), 10/2017

Brief interviews with hideous men (Wallace), 8/2017

The nine (Toobin), 4/2017

Kitchen confidential (Bourdain), 3/2017

The wisdom of crowds (Surowiecki), 9/2016

Algorithms to live by (Christian & Griffiths), 5/2016

Between the world and me (Coates), 2/2016

The Giver (Lowry), 2/2016

Sapiens (Harari), 12/2015

Modern romance (Ansari), 11/2015

Norwegian wood (Murakami), 9/2015

Sum: tales from the afterlives (Eagleman), 8/2015

Getting to yes (Fisher & Ury), 8/2015

Dianetics (Hubbard), 8/2015

The war of art (Pressfield), 3/2015

God is not great (Hitchens), 1/2015

War of the worlds 1938 (Wells/Welles), 12/2014

Go the f–k to sleep (Mansbach/Jackson), 12/2014

Steve Jobs (Isaacson), 12/2014

Mastery (Greene), 10/2014

Hard-boiled wonderland and The end of the world (Murakami), 8/2014

The art of war (Tzu), 7/2014

On the origin of species (Darwin), 7/2014

A short history of nearly everything (Bryson), 6/2014

Oblivion (DFW), 5/2014

The moral landscape (Harris), 5/2014

How to win friends and influence people (Carnegie), 4/2014

The checklist manifesto (Gawande), 4/2014

Thinking, fast and slow (Kahneman), 3/2014

Lying (Harris), 3/2014

The information (Gleick), 7/2013

Linked (Barabási), 8/2012

A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again (DFW), 10/2011

Consider the lobster (DFW), 7/2011

The mind’s eye (Sacks), 3/2011

The universe in a nutshell (Hawking), 11/2010

Hiroshima (Hersey), 6/2010

The elements of style (Strunk & White), 5/2010

The drunkard’s walk (Mlodinow), 2/2010

SuperFreakonomics (Levitt & Dubner), 12/2009

The double helix (Watson), 12/2009

Freakonomics (Levitt & Dubner), 12/2009

Phantoms in the brain (Ramachandran), 10/2009

The man who knew infinity (Kanigel), 9/2009

Psychological science (Gazzaniga et al.), 7/2009

Beyond freedom & dignity (Skinner), 6/2009

The survivors club (Sherwood), 6/2009

The diving bell and the butterfly (Bauby), 6/2009

Norton psychology reader (ed. Marcus), 5/2009

Memento mori (Nolan), 5/2009

The man who loved only numbers (Hoffman), 4/2009