The treachery of sculptures

June 23, 2014

. This is not a spoon.


. This is not a photograph of a spoon.


. This is not a photograph of a sculpture of a spoon, made unwittingly by a local artisan who ordinarily makes spoons out of exactly the same materials and by the same processes employed in the production of said sculpture, and which would otherwise be identical in every which way to a spoon, except for the troubling fact that one Jordan William Suchow, curious as to the consequences, called up the artisan and asked for some metal curved in a particular shape for use in a project of sorts, posed the object for a photograph, took a picture of it, posted the result here, and then went on his merry way, perhaps hankering after a bowl of soup, but resisting the temptation out of fear that said sculpture, now in the pocket of his jacket, might be needed for the purpose of stirring or drawing liquid closer to the mouth, being totally unsure of the object’s status at that point, but curious indeed.