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I’m Jordan Suchow, a cognitive scientist studying minds, brains, and machines.

My research program examines the perceptual and cognitive processes that enable us to see, remember, and learn from the world around us, and then develops technologies and techniques to overcome their limitations. The hallmark of this work is combining empirical methods from some of the best-understood domains of cognitive science, such as vision and memory, with formal frameworks developed outside the field ā€” mathematical biology, machine learning, computer science, and network science. My work makes contact with applications in human factors & ergonomics, design, computer vision, and technologies for learning and achieving mastery. The output of my research takes varied forms ā€” journal articles, talks, methods, software, visual demonstrations, and inventions.

I received my doctorate from Harvard in 2014. Now Iā€™m a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley, conducting research at the Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

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