January 01, 2016

Morgan, T. J. H.*, Suchow, J. W.*, & Griffiths, T. L. Experimental evolution of human cognition through bionic simulation. Submitted to Science.

Suchow, J. W.*, Morgan, T. J. H.*, Hamrick, J., Pacer, M., Meylan, S. C., and Griffiths, T. L. Fully automated experiments on cultural transmission through crowdsourcing. To be submitted to Nature Methods. (Source code).

Suchow, J. W., Allen, B., Nowak, M. A. & Alvarez, G. A. Evolutionary dynamics of visual memory. Under review at Nature Communications.

Fougnie, D., Suchow, J. W., & Alvarez, G. A. Decay and death by natural causes in visual working memory. Under review at Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.

Herman, L. & Suchow, J. W. Frequency-based synesthetic associations between letters and color. Under review at Cognition.

Jamieson, K. & Suchow, J. W. Efficient measurement of temporal discounting, forgetting, and aftereffect decay through active monotonic regression. To be submitted to NIPS 2016.

(* Equal contributions.)